Monday, April 19, 2010

Gone for a while.....

I know I know....I have been neglecting my blog but I promise you I had good reasons for the lack of posts :-) First and most importantly I was able to finally go home to Haiti which I was itching to do since the devastating earthquake back in January. With the preparations for the trip and the trip itself I had my hands full. Upon returning I had to make sure I plan a very special event: my son's 3rd birthday Yo Gabba Gabba style, YAY!!

So now I am back and we need to catch up! I have been wearing my hair in a protective style this entire time: micro-braids! I must admit for the first time since I started transitioning 4 years ago I was actually sad because I was enjoying playing and learning about my natural hair. Every night I use my little "moisturizing concoction" (EVOO, water, and Knot today) to keep my roots and hair moisturized something I didn't do often in the past while I have my hair braided. I hope to see a difference in the health of my hair once I unbraid it (fingers and toes crossed lol).