Monday, December 20, 2010

Great article!

Ready to go Au natural? That is the title of a nice article on the HIP Magazine website. Shadine Ménard explains in the article that "In the past few years, although natural hairstyles are still not the first choice for most in our community, it has become a choice for many." I could not agree more! At first, I used to ask myself "am I just noticing all the beautiful afrobellas now because I am part of this elite group?" but it is more than the encounters with other "napturals" for me....Five years ago when I started my journey there were a few blogs and a couple of forums; a handful of products only available online; and a video blog (aka "vlogs") here and there on Youtube. Today, I can certainly order some favorites online but I have several choices right at my fingertips from my local stores. When in doubt (or just frustrated) I can go to my favorite blogs (and my favorites folder is full of choices) or just log on my favorite forum for and by naturals like myself and ask questions.
Call it a trend, call it a revolution or whatever else you want! It has made this journey of understanding my hair and treating it the way I should have been long ago so much better. This is really an exciting time to be natural and I am loving every single minute!
Please go on the HIP Magazine site and enjoy the article and all the other goodies on the site, there is something for everyone and it frequently updated with more insightful and thought-provoking pieces. Enjoy <3