Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yummy Deep Conditioner

I have been looking for just the right deep conditioner (DC) for the past two years and I've tried several home concoctions and store-bought deep conditioning treatments....I have come close to liking one ("One-n-Only's Argan oil moisture repair conditioner").
A few months ago I came across a thread on the NC forums on deep conditioning and someone mentioned that they do one with plain yogurt and baby food bananas :-) So I stopped at my local grocery store and grabbed a pack of Gerber's banana and plain yogurt and decided to give it a try. First of all, it smelled delicious and good enough to eat of course! I put it all over my freshly washed hair and placed a shower cap on as I went on with my Saturday cleaning routine (how does oatmeal get stuck so hard on my son's activity table????)
Just washed the DC and I absolutely love how my hair feels!!! Smooth but strong, I am definitely doing this again!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Kim Coles' Grow-Out Challenge

A few minutes ago while catching up on one of my favorite sites I stumbled upon a new Grow-Out Challenge this one is sponsored by Curlynikki and the actress (Kim recently did her "Big Chop" read the story here). I have seen and enjoyed reading several "Grow-Out" challenges but this is going to be my very first time joining in on the fun and I figured why not? It is a great way to stay motivated and I really have nothing to lose from trying to stay healthy (mind, body, and HAIR lol). So please read my entries (my challenge blog is here) and while you are at it why don't you join in on the fun. It begins officially tomorrow February 1st and last until July 2011. The rules are really simple:
1. Drink at least 64 oz of water each day (or half your body weight in ounces)
2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet
3. Take a multi vitamin and other beneficial supplements
4. Handle hair gently at all times
5. Minimal (direct) heat usage
6. Deep treatment at every wash session
7. Develop and follow a consistent hair routine, tailored to your specific needs and desired goals
8. Document your progress, observations, and frustrations on your personal blog
9. Encourage your fellow curlies by sharing tips, advice, and chiming in on their blogs
10.Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Great article!

Ready to go Au natural? That is the title of a nice article on the HIP Magazine website. Shadine Ménard explains in the article that "In the past few years, although natural hairstyles are still not the first choice for most in our community, it has become a choice for many." I could not agree more! At first, I used to ask myself "am I just noticing all the beautiful afrobellas now because I am part of this elite group?" but it is more than the encounters with other "napturals" for me....Five years ago when I started my journey there were a few blogs and a couple of forums; a handful of products only available online; and a video blog (aka "vlogs") here and there on Youtube. Today, I can certainly order some favorites online but I have several choices right at my fingertips from my local stores. When in doubt (or just frustrated) I can go to my favorite blogs (and my favorites folder is full of choices) or just log on my favorite forum for and by naturals like myself and ask questions.
Call it a trend, call it a revolution or whatever else you want! It has made this journey of understanding my hair and treating it the way I should have been long ago so much better. This is really an exciting time to be natural and I am loving every single minute!
Please go on the HIP Magazine site and enjoy the article and all the other goodies on the site, there is something for everyone and it frequently updated with more insightful and thought-provoking pieces. Enjoy <3

Monday, July 26, 2010

Satin vs. Silk

I have always struggled with my satin wraps, caps, name it they come right off my head when I go to sleep, granted I am a "wild" sleeping beauty lol (the kind noone really wanted to share beds with growing up lol it's like a karate session lol) Lately, I've had better luck because I am guessing my hair is less "slippery" because the perm is all gone, yep that's my theory. Every once in awhile my satin cap is found on the floor when I wake up.
After reading enough on the subject I found out that I would be better off with a satin pillowcase which I started looking into, only to find really high prices at all the online stores I checked out. Finally, last week I grabbed my coupon and headed to my closest Bed Bath and Beyond store (which by the way is like a mini Target now! Wow!!!). First, the salesperson directed me to the only 4 selection of moderately expensive pillowcases (brown, green, dark red, beige) and when she asked which color I would prefer I told her it did not matter "I just want to protect my hair at night"......Well good answer because she showed me something better!!! Pillow protectors (less than $5) that were made of satin!!! Don't you love when that happens?
I grabbed a couple and put it to the test by sleeping on one with my satin cap on (you know just in case it comes off lol) and then last night I just went to sleep with no protective head gear on :-) A few spritz of water, EVOO fingers and I was good to go!
Now I am reading more and more about using Silk instead of Satin because it is even better......I'm telling you it does not stop lol but for now I am happy with my "satin".

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kiss My Face Gel

I have been using the Kiss My Face Mandarin Shower Gel for a while now and I love it. On my recent trip to WholeFoods (over a month ago-long drive!) I was happy to find their all natural hair gel which I actually read about from a couple of people on the NC forum. I picked it up and am so happy I did. This is so far my favorite styling product because of two major reasons: 1) it defines my curls instantly and 2) provides great hold (although it is medium consistency!) but also does not give that crunchy look/feel. I am running low and need to go back and get more (can't wait for the new Wholefoods that will be down the street from my house!)
Plus it really does not leave your hair with a lot of build up like some other gels. I love the fact that I don't have to stand for hours to do a twist or braid-out to get this look.....a few minutes (my EVOO of course!) and voila! I would most definitely recommend this product!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Calling all Miss Jessie's gals!

You can now get your favorite Miss Jessie's products and get FREE SHIPPING! Now most of us hate paying shipping from online stores, I know I do lol Run and get your favorites. I already ordered mine <3 Baby buttercreme (check), Curly Buttercreme (check), Stretch Silkening Creme (double check lol).

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Naturally Curly's Best of the Best! 2010

Naturally Curly's (one of my favorite sites and forum to go to for help) Best of the Best 2010 was released and I am really happy that several of the products I use and actually voted for amongst 100s of thousands other readers made the list! Actually, 8 out of the 15 products I use regularly made it, yay!
Check out the site for a quick review and a direct link to each product here:

Friday, July 2, 2010

Accesory princess

I love accessories and how they help to add a little funky twist to any outfit! However, when it comes to hair accesories I guess you could say I was on the "shy" side....that is until I started this journey of loving my natural hair! I absolutely love to play with different hair accessories now and like the sometimes bold, soemtimes sweet, bohemian, or chic look they add to my hairstyles. goody have launched a new line which is available at Target and Wal-Mart (I believe it's called "global Trends") and I love so many of the styles available. What are your favorite hair accessories?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wash and go!

Several times I tried to do a "wash-n-go" and looked simply crazy lol So on the night of a very important event (CUC Education Foundation's Fundraising Gala-see my sidebar for a link to help) I had no idea what to do with my hair and had been too busy to try any new styles....I jumped in the shower co-washed my hair with my Hello Hydration, detangled while in the shower, put my FAVORITE leave-in-conditioner (Kinky Curly's Knot Today) and prayed for the best.....Well, wouldn't you know it that's all I needed because for the very first time in years I had a "wash-n-go" that worked and stayed nice all night! The following pictures were taken after getting home from the gala (several hours after doing my hair). I love my "Knot Today" !

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A new deep conditioning fave :-)

I love braiding my hair, hate taking them down and most of all hate how dry my hair usually feels right after. This time I moisturized daily by spraying with my homemade (EVOO-KCKT-H2O) and although I saw a slight difference my hair was still dry. After washing my hair I did a deep conditioning treatment with my TIGI Bed Head Moisture Maniac Moisturizing Conditioner and boy what a difference! I have been using the product and like it but this was my first time using it for deep conditioning. Right away you can see how my hair soaked up all the moisture and how defined my curls ended up being.

Immediately after removing braids-dry hair :-(
Hair with product right before rinsing it out:

Right after washing "Bead Head" out:
Hair in a puff after 3 days :-) Still shiny, and soft :-)

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I love having braids but I truly hate removing them! Your arms hurt, your neck hurts, your back.....everywhere! And when it seems there is only a little bit are just getting started. I started unbraiding my hair last weekend and because I did not have enough time ended up concealing the unbraided portion with the top that was still braided into a tight ponytail all week for work. I started again Saturday and spent most of the day at only to finish right now 1:44 AM Monday much for my long weekend!
The only thing is that I am actually really happy with how healthy and strong my hair feels and a major plus is that I see some growth, yay!
I think I am too tired to try washing it now......good night <3

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Live, Shine, Beauty, Culture

I have been enjoying a new blog with different spotlights on beauty, culture and more lately and thought I would share the link with everyone:
I especially truly enjoyed reading the piece by contributor Shadine Menard on inner beauty as the author puts it: "There's not one day that passes by that I do not think of Haiti, its people, especially the beautiful, strong Haitian women that inpire me to be all that I can be. Whether you're Haitian or not, read this piece and think "what inspires my inner beauty?":
Don't walk, run over to read more including a review of the THE ORIGINAL MOROCCANOIL OIL TREATMENT which my local hair supply store owner tried to talk me into buying a few months ago. Now I'm itching to try it.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gone for a while.....

I know I know....I have been neglecting my blog but I promise you I had good reasons for the lack of posts :-) First and most importantly I was able to finally go home to Haiti which I was itching to do since the devastating earthquake back in January. With the preparations for the trip and the trip itself I had my hands full. Upon returning I had to make sure I plan a very special event: my son's 3rd birthday Yo Gabba Gabba style, YAY!!

So now I am back and we need to catch up! I have been wearing my hair in a protective style this entire time: micro-braids! I must admit for the first time since I started transitioning 4 years ago I was actually sad because I was enjoying playing and learning about my natural hair. Every night I use my little "moisturizing concoction" (EVOO, water, and Knot today) to keep my roots and hair moisturized something I didn't do often in the past while I have my hair braided. I hope to see a difference in the health of my hair once I unbraid it (fingers and toes crossed lol).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Curly Girl

After reading all about the famous book I finally bought a copy myself at Barnes and Noble today! I am armed with sticky notes, highlighters in my favorites colors lol I will let you know my thoughts when I finish reading :-)
Now on my wish list is another book "Thank God I'm Natural"by Chris-Tia Donaldson.