Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Live, Shine, Beauty, Culture

I have been enjoying a new blog with different spotlights on beauty, culture and more lately and thought I would share the link with everyone: http://live.shinebeautyculture.com
I especially truly enjoyed reading the piece by contributor Shadine Menard on inner beauty as the author puts it: "There's not one day that passes by that I do not think of Haiti, its people, especially the beautiful, strong Haitian women that inpire me to be all that I can be. Whether you're Haitian or not, read this piece and think "what inspires my inner beauty?": http://live.shinebeautyculture.com
Don't walk, run over to read more including a review of the THE ORIGINAL MOROCCANOIL OIL TREATMENT which my local hair supply store owner tried to talk me into buying a few months ago. Now I'm itching to try it.....

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