Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kiss My Face Gel

I have been using the Kiss My Face Mandarin Shower Gel for a while now and I love it. On my recent trip to WholeFoods (over a month ago-long drive!) I was happy to find their all natural hair gel which I actually read about from a couple of people on the NC forum. I picked it up and am so happy I did. This is so far my favorite styling product because of two major reasons: 1) it defines my curls instantly and 2) provides great hold (although it is medium consistency!) but also does not give that crunchy look/feel. I am running low and need to go back and get more (can't wait for the new Wholefoods that will be down the street from my house!)
Plus it really does not leave your hair with a lot of build up like some other gels. I love the fact that I don't have to stand for hours to do a twist or braid-out to get this look.....a few minutes (my EVOO of course!) and voila! I would most definitely recommend this product!

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