Monday, July 26, 2010

Satin vs. Silk

I have always struggled with my satin wraps, caps, name it they come right off my head when I go to sleep, granted I am a "wild" sleeping beauty lol (the kind noone really wanted to share beds with growing up lol it's like a karate session lol) Lately, I've had better luck because I am guessing my hair is less "slippery" because the perm is all gone, yep that's my theory. Every once in awhile my satin cap is found on the floor when I wake up.
After reading enough on the subject I found out that I would be better off with a satin pillowcase which I started looking into, only to find really high prices at all the online stores I checked out. Finally, last week I grabbed my coupon and headed to my closest Bed Bath and Beyond store (which by the way is like a mini Target now! Wow!!!). First, the salesperson directed me to the only 4 selection of moderately expensive pillowcases (brown, green, dark red, beige) and when she asked which color I would prefer I told her it did not matter "I just want to protect my hair at night"......Well good answer because she showed me something better!!! Pillow protectors (less than $5) that were made of satin!!! Don't you love when that happens?
I grabbed a couple and put it to the test by sleeping on one with my satin cap on (you know just in case it comes off lol) and then last night I just went to sleep with no protective head gear on :-) A few spritz of water, EVOO fingers and I was good to go!
Now I am reading more and more about using Silk instead of Satin because it is even better......I'm telling you it does not stop lol but for now I am happy with my "satin".

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