Monday, February 22, 2010

Oil Party!

I have been testing a variety of oils and so far my favorites are:
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (also referred to as EVOO)
I love the way the EVOO leaves my hair, it makes it feel almost immediately stronger yet soft and manageable. This past weekend I used it on each strand before the ECCO styler gel to do my two-strand twist (I'll share how they turned out in anohter post)

-Almond Oil
Great for my ends and smells so yummy :-)

-Coconut Oil
I am an island girl so I looooooove coconut lol this is just pure goodness for my hair, I apply it before going to bed and then put on my satin cap. My hair stays so soft and the moisture is retained even with my wigcap and half wig on for the day.

I've always used Castor Oil because it is a staple of every Haitian household for all sorts of remedy and of course hair care. My favorite thing is to mix a few tablespoon of castor oil with some avocado slices and I mash them using my "Magic bullet" and put it all over my hair and keep it on for 30 minutes or more (depending on what I am doing at the time lol) then rinse it out and proceed with your normal hair washing routine. Let me tell you your hair will feel so good: strong and soft as silk!

I purchased some Avocado Oil as well because several people have recommended it so I'll let you know how it worked for me.

Thanks for stopping by today <3


  1. I'll have to try one of your concotions! Where can I get the Haitian or Jamaican Castor Oil from? Now, I don't really care for the smell of castor oil but if it works, I'm willing to try.

    I've tried coconut oil but I can't say that it did anything for me (then again I'm not consistent and don't really know how to use them). Currently, I have jojoba and grapeseed oils (which are rarely used) but I think I'll give EVOO a try.

  2. I've heard great things about Jojoba Oil my mom uses it and she likes it (not more than her Castor oil or EVOO lol)
    You can get the oil at any health food store or wholefoods.